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About Us

Because you should know where it all began.

Dear Reader,

The Wall and Us began at a time when I was desperately looking for a solution for my alcoholism. I was on medication and I was using my medication to escape reality and not face the things that were bothering me head on.

It was a really lonely and desolate time in my short existence of 21 years. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t really lonely. I had a lot of people who cared about me and my well-being. But it just wasn’t enough. It just wasn’t helping.

After an attempted overdose I went back home. I decided I was going to miss a semester and figure things out once and for all. When I was about one and a half months into my three month sobriety streak I started a blog.

My aim was to find another me who could maybe understand what I was going through. You see I always believed that if I could find another me I know I’ll be okay. No one can know what a person is going through unless they’ve been in their shoes.

Now as I started blogging and receiving and reading other people’s contributions and stories things started becoming clearer. Everyone goes through ‘stuff’ in their lives. And despite being more connected than ever loneliness was an epidemic.

And there was a need for a solution.

Hence, this e-community.

I’ve been asked countless times what exactly are you trying to accomplish and I’ve probably given countless different and varied answers. So here is one if you’re reading this.

Our aim is to create a self sustaining community that understands and listens. People seem to have forgotten how to listen. And since no one really wants to, we’ve all been forced to create these walls around us. Walls that help us hide who we are essentially making us forget what is it that makes us so special. Hence, The Wall and Us.

Here, you can share your stories, experiences, feelings, grief, happiness and find someone who’ll listen without any inhibitions. You can talk to other human beings who’ll be your friend. I’ve been to 6 mental health experts myself. And I know all I’ve ever needed was a friend. And if you do too you’re at the right place.

As we start today and grow you should know we’ll not stop until we remove loneliness in its entirety from this world. I’ve been told many things since the inception of this project. Some, not so nice. And I am still here telling you that I am here for you. Even if the world isn’t.

Loneliness is a toxic toxic feeling. And The Wall and Us will exist until you can break that wall you’ve had to create around yourself.

Trust me. I know. No one should have to feel the same way I did. Or you do.


-Aitijya Sarkar

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