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Dear Father, I Hope You Are Proud Of Me Wherever You Are.

13 Apr, 2017

The Wall and Us vs Loneliness | Some Actionable Advice to Stub Out the Emptiness You Feel.

07 Jun, 2017

Why do I feel the way I do?

09 Apr, 2017


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30 Sep 2017

How I Lost 60 Kgs and Became A More Confident Human Being.

Shame would force me to strive to live a better life. This emotion didn’t just come from those around me, it came from within me too.

I wasn’t proud of how I looked and more importantly, how I lived.

I s...

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01 Aug 2018

A Comprehensive Guide On How to Conquer Loneliness by Embracing It (With Real Life Case-Studies) | The Wall and Us vs Loneliness

Loneliness pushes you right on to the cold, hard ground and forces you to re-evaluate all you have – and all who surround you.

Because loneliness shouldn’t exist if you surround yourself with a million people arou...

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[Entry - 2nd November, 2018] There
Five old men cracked open their beers and hesitantly looked around to see who they were with.
They looked like old friends — with years between them. Lifetime of memories — lost to the world. Time. Space. The universe.
Together, maybe, one last time, on the shores of Goa.
“How have you guys been?”, one of them quips.
The icebreaker. The needed intrusion to break the cold icy silence that enveloped the little group.
“Hahaha.”, they all join in, desperate, maybe, to make this moment matter.
My table was some distance away from them and while my head was buried in a book that taught me how positive thinking attracts positive energy from the universe, my eyes kept venturing there. To them.
It started with school.
The days spent within the confines of an institution that chains you to doing things you
I know. I know. I don
They can
Little freckles on a girl who wanders around looking for strangers to meet eyes with. Re-assurance. That there sat others like her at this little shack in distant Goa who struggled to find people to belong with. So, she looks at her phone. Desperate to be lost in a world that
Take a second. A minute -- a moment -- a pause -- to just stop. To feel what you
I was nine when I was told I was too young to understand love.
I remember saying, "But, is this what it really means? Is this right?" She
I write this to you. I write this to you because you
You know what love is?
Love is hard. It
I worry for this has happened before.
I worry for I was asked to be someone I wasn
I tried. To fit in. To belong. To just be. To allow myself to be a part of this ever-present crowd that always surrounded me. I failed. I
The storm
Am I enough? Or am I all the world around me told me I was. Or am I just a minute speck of dust wandering around the universe in search of meaning to fill up my otherwise empty existence -- one that bears no significance in this endless wave of time and space.
Am I enough? Or am I all the world around me told me I was. Or am I more. More than I can digest. Fathom. More than I want to believe I am. More than I was made to believe I was.
Am I enough? Or am I all my life made me out to be. Confused yet certain. Broken yet on the path to healing. The one who loves so truly yet one who is so afraid to have his heart trampled on. A contradiction.
Am I enough? Will I ever be? Infinite. A heart so full. So open. Beating ferociously, hope flowing through every fiber of my being -- to overwhelm every shred of doubt that
[2/2] With blood thirsty eyes, a knife in his hand -- rust all over it
[1/2] Abdullah
Dida, my grandmother, loved flowers. She was specially obsessed with this one rose that bloomed ever so brightly in her precious little garden.
She would show it off to anyone she could find, any chance she would get. 
Bright red, with a stem full of green thorns, the rose was a reminder that you should take every nice and pretty thing with a grain of salt. 
That summer was eventful. My grandfather was sick - he
On most days, Aarya Dixit was like you and I - simple, with a ton of baggage, and irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. But, boy was she beautiful. She was stunning, gorgeous features, perfect lips, beautiful smile, a perfect body, and her eyes - so elegant, so expressive, just so perfect.
She had it all, or that
Archana loved the world she
Obsessed with this song right now. Have an amazing Saturday. :)
Arjun was an outcast. He barely had any friends. He wasn
Intimacy is what she craved, day in, day out. Intimacy and attention, things that could chain her, bind her to the place she
Love, the next few days are going to be so so tough. You
Had to hear myself say this tonight. I feel really really good. Can
All this time you had a blanket to cover yourself with, a parapet to stand on, a wall to lean on -- something to protect you, guard you against the hopelessness that was always lurking around, and just like that, it was taken from you and now you
Acceptance, from yourself, and the world around you. You


Become a part of the only community in the world that is exclusively tailored for and by the lonely.

We will send you a weekly newsletter. And your details will be kept safe and sound.
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