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27 Mar
Editorial Team.
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How Do You Inspire Yourself to Do Something and Actually Make it Last?

You must remember that lone art period in school. Whether you liked art or used that period to catch up on school gossip, I am sure you appreciated its existence on a busy day.

I used to love it too. I tried hard not to bunk that one hour with my friends. It was the only one hour I found peace.

Watercolors were my favorite. They did justice to any painting, no matter how ordinary. I always felt that they were the most misunderstood medium.

They always looked like child’s play but they were far from that. They were difficult to excel in and required unhealthy amounts of relaxation and patience.

Watercolors were opposite of anything else in school: the slower the pace, the better the result.

Fast forward to a training seminar I attended.

The life coach made us walk around for no reason. So we did. Then he asked us to walk slowly, as if we were captured in slow-mo. He asked us to note down the difference.

When I walked fast, I never noticed where I am going or what is around me. I even bumped into a table. When I walked slowly, I could observe: the whistle of the far-off train, which direction I was going in and what my thoughts were.

I may have slept through the rest of the coaching but one thing stuck by me - in order to do anything worth doing, you need to slow down and observe.

The slower the pace- the better the result.

Inspiration is just alike. You need patience to find inspiration. It does not rush itself to you and it is not indebted to helping you.

It hides around in your surroundings and in your mind. It hides in these difficult to notice inspirational messages that you can see only when you slow down your pace and realize its existence.

If you are inspired you can truly create magic. That is why I loved the feeling of slowing down. I could paint better and I could create better ideas.

Do you think Rome was built in a day? Do you think the CEOs created business plans in a day? Do you think reading all those inspirational messages would be enough to make you an overnight success?

I have a new question to propose - Is being inspired enough to achieve greatness?

I quit writing before I started college. I wanted to get 80% every semester. I wanted to intern and volunteer. I wanted to read, make connections and expand my mind.

Writing never found a place in this entire hullabaloo. I tried many times to find inspiration to pick up the quill again. It never came.

I thought of driving down to Gokarna or Hampi and try writing there. Some Buzzfeed article did mention them in the top ten places to visit if you want to inspire yourself to write.

This entire time, I was so busy looking for something to inspire me, that I never actually tried writing. I never tried to understand why I want to write and why do I want to write now.

I just wanted to write and I convinced myself Gokarna will inspire me and I will write beautiful poetry about some starfishes.

That never happened.

So was finding my inspiration enough?


In fact, I began writing when I had a reason to write.

This is it. Your reason to do something will always precede inspiration. Meaning- precedes motivation.

When you find meaning in what you want to achieve, you will walk towards it. When you understand why you want to achieve a single goal you, will find the inspiration automatically to execute it.

Simple example: Forget art, you have to do an assignment which is extremely boring. We have all been there, right?

If you try to understand why you have to do the assignment it would be way less of a hassle.

You need it for 20% of your grade. You need it for tomorrow’s submission. You need it because if you don’t do it now, you won’t be able to go out at night.

And voila, your rational sense will prevail.

Meaning or your ‘why’- will always precede inspiration or motivation. You want to work for the betterment of society. You want to start a company. You want to become a public speaker. You want to learn belly dancing.

Understand why you want to do it and watch your why inspire you.

Your experiences and external surroundings can inspire you each day. You can use this inspiration to achieve your goals too.

Unlike reasoning, inspiration doesn’t assure achievement. It doesn’t assure hard work. It is short lived and while it can highlight what your goal is, it is your ‘why’ that will help you crack the goal.

A lot of my friends travel, just like I wanted to, to find inspiration for art or for a new venture. Now, I find the idea quite funny. They would spend so much money to find peace and motivate themselves.

Recently, a 17 year old friend of mine wrote about her experience in Vietnam. She casually broke the misconception that you need to travel to find inspiration.

She stands by the fact that it can be done in the comfort of your own house, your streets and by challenging your own thoughts.

Travel for other reasons: travel to see a culture, learn a language, teach a school or to simply travel. She sounded more figured out that most of the 21 year olds I know.

It’s true. Inspiration doesn’t hide in seas of Vietnam or the dreadlocks of the hippies in Gokarna. It doesn’t lie in indie movies or thick dusty books. It doesn’t lie in all the endless posts that talk about – Ways to inspire yourself.

That inspiration was never enough by itself.

True inspiration lies in your understanding of your ‘why’. It lies in reason, meaning and understanding. It lies in patience.

This inspiration was always around and within you.

It was always in you.

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