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28 Mar
Editorial Team.
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Is Social Media Making Us Less Sociable?

This piece is going to dive into something that a lot of people are thinking about lately – Is social media making people less sociable?

Already a lot has been said about this by a million different people. But one of the most noteworthy of them is this Ted Talk by Sherry Turkle.

Now I am no Sherry Turkle but I would like to give my two rupees on this.

There are certain things we need to understand though.

If only we realize that we are getting sucked into this unstoppable rat race then maybe we would stop trying to go with the flow.

If only we realize that things like real friends, real conversations and family are worth more than a million friends on Facebook then maybe we would pay more attention to the people around us instead of keeping our eyes glued to our phones all day long.

The relationship between social media and isolation is simple enough to explain.

Social media doesn’t cause isolation, overuse of it does.

Let me re-jog your memory and you let me know if I am correct in the comments below.

1) On social media we accept people we hardly know as friends while our next door neighbour remains a stranger.

2) We message all day long and yet at the end of the day we feel this emptiness within us. Like we are all alone.

3) We might have innumerable Facebook friends and followers on Instagram yet we crave to be rid of the loneliness that threatens to overwhelm us at times.

Should I go on?

It’s ironic how technology has succeeded in bringing us closer to the people who are far far away from us and yet taken us farther away from the people who live next door.

Think about it ever since the dot-com bubble loneliness has become an epidemic. 

This is mainly because we have fallen so much in love with the screens of our laptops and mobiles that we hardly look up and actually notice what’s around us.

We make virtual friends and form virtual relationships and are weirdly okay with it all.

Technology has made global communication reach an altogether different level but it has lessened human interactions and this has affected us deeply.

There is so much sadness in almost every soul I have come across.

Each one trying to desperately hide their broken soul from each other; each one trying to pretend that they have never felt alone; each one constantly petrified by the fear of missing out  - that they are in no danger of succumbing to the emptiness within their hearts.

Technology is not a vice but it has ensured more connections and fewer relations, more solitude and lesser comradeship.

Somewhere in this world of technological advancement, we have lost ourselves.

Our connections with people who matter the most have become strained and even though we try to pretend that we enjoy this life, in our heart of hearts, we know that the entire thing is nothing but a sham.

Having virtual friends does not make us feel better when we are in need of someone, rather, it only increases our frustration when we realize the fact that despite having innumerable friends there is hardly anyone who can understand us.

Unfortunately, technology can do nothing about the loneliness within us. It can, at times, make us forget that we are alone but at some time or the other, the futility of it all catches up with us.

It’s astounding to realize that even with our ability to connect with people all over we are desperately lonely.

Maybe the loneliest generation since the dawn of human civilization.

We want to be loved and cared for. We crave to feel wanted - to be reassured that somehow our existence does make a difference. Not getting it anywhere else we turn to social media.

Despite many arguments against it one thing is almost certain. Social media and loneliness has to have a connection.

Sometimes there is this numbness that comes upon me, moments when I am completely devoid of feeling and emotion, times when I wish there wasn’t so much emptiness inside me.

Everyone around me seems so occupied and content with whatever is happening in their lives that sometimes I wonder if it’s just me who feels all this.

During the day, I chat with innumerable people, upload pictures when they come out perfect and do what other people seem to be doing all day long but it does nothing to make me feel happy.

It’s almost as if I am wearing a mask for everyone to see that I am perfectly fine, while inside, it’s as if I am being torn apart.

If at all there is anything that can save us from the emptiness within us, it is ourselves. It all comes down to learning to deal with our inner demons during those moments of insecurity and loneliness.

You are lucky if you have friends who make it a point to always be there for you but not everyone has it that way.

Understand that.

Understand that most of them turn to social media to look for the attention and companionship they so desire. Understand that they become isolated and put up a different persona online.

Understand that all those ever-so-perfect human beings you admire and are secretly jealous of freeze up during a conversation.

Overuse of social Media in some unforeseeable way IS making us less sociable.

What do you think? Is social media making us less sociable?

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