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28 May
Editorial Team.
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It Is Okay To Not Know Where Your Life Is Heading - Here Is Why.

I have always been an avid dreamer.

When I was 3, I wanted to be an astronaut.

At 7, my priorities had changed.

I absolutely loved history and wanted to be an archaeologist now.

Those uncountable lives lost so long ago fascinated me.

The way they lived, their lifestyle, culture, etc. It was enthralling.

Then came age 11 when my constant fragile and sick self, decided that I would be a doctor.

I was really really sick back then.

Jumping from one doctor to another was taking up a lot of my mother’s time and money and back then we needed both - so a doctor seemed like a really sensible choice.

15 years old - Computer engineer.

16-18 years old - A footballer.

As funny as it sounds, this one lasted the longest.

I used to dream that one day I would play alongside Ronaldo.

Now understand that 17-18 was a really tough time for me.

A lot of things were happening all over the place and I was emotionally constipated and desperately needed an outlet.

I didn’t smoke or drink and heavily judged those who did.

So, I started writing.

I opened up a blog with a really cheesy title - A 17-year-old speaking for a billion teenagers.

I couldn’t write as well then and even now after having written so much I still believe I am average at best.

But, boy did I love it! I would write whenever I would be sad.

For example - I would write a really depressing story on unrequited love when things at home weren’t so good - completely unrelated, yes, but necessary.

20-21 - My fascination with people and a turbulent lifestyle pretty much pushed me into The Wall and Us.

And now we’re here. I want to take this forward.

But that’s just scratching the surface.

A brief list of the things I want to accomplish someday -

1) Someday I want to write my own autobiography. (I even have a title in mind.)

2) I want to be the Prime Minister of this country. (You can go ahead and get that laugh out now. It’s okay.)

3) I want to be truly happy.

So yes. Dreaming has always come easy for me.

Now I am just 22.

And I can tell you again and again to “Trust me! You don’t need to know what to do with your life right now.”

But, if you are as young as I am (or as old) you’ve probably asked yourself a million times - How is my future going to be like?

And you’re probably thinking - What do I know?

I am as clueless as you are.

So, I asked someone else.

I asked my cousin sister.

She is 30, married and going places and I am extremely proud to have her as part of my extended family.

I asked her some basic questions and her answers were exactly what I was looking for.

It will re-affirm everything I want to tell you.

Note- The questions have been slightly paraphrased.

I asked her - When you were about my age did you know what you want to do when you reach 30?

Her - Hahaha! I still don’t know.

I tell her -That's exactly what I mean you know. Like it's okay to not know and go with the flow sometimes.

Her - I feel this generation is much more sorted than we were.

People today have a lot more exposure.


It’s the digital world.

Everything is available with just a click.

Me - But don't you think that increases competition?

Her - Yes. Yes, it does.

But, you also have numerous choices.

So it's important to chose right.

There is too much chaos and noise these days.

Too much information.

So it’s important to know how to filter and process all this information.

Me - But people feel more lost than ever.

Don't you think so?

I asked a lot of my juniors.

They all feel this immense pressure.

No one knows what they want to do and with such immense pressure it freaks them out.

Her - We all are at that age.

Pretty much everyone is.

Even at 30, you would not know what you want from your life.

It's very relative.

Every age / phase in life has different priorities and we’ll act accordingly.

Me - One last thing. Did you know fashion designing was something you'd want to do?

Her - I just wanted to do something other than engineering.

I sat for an exam and ranked 48th All India.

Then I told myself, “Maybe I can do this.”

But that was not all. You NEED to hear this next part.

It is something I wholeheartedly believe in.

So, she was leaving for New York and had a flight the morning after. I told her, “Look at you. Grown up, accomplished and all.”

She said, “That’s nothing. Passport pages and salary slips don’t define success. Always remember that. To each his own.”

Now there is another story I have to include here to sum this up.

A junior from my school days talks to me pretty frequently.

He quit school and is at a point where he doesn’t really see the point of education anymore.

He loves art and sees himself doing something about it in the future.

But, he does not want to join a college right now and is frustrated secretly with how well all his friends are doing.

We spoke at length one day. I kept asking him what he wants from life again and again.

I pushed him on it as much as I could.

Then I realized something.

He just didn’t know. He didn’t have anything to look forward to. Maybe someday he will. Right now, he just wasn’t ready. Or willing.

And I told him what he so desperately wanted to hear - It’s okay man.

Don’t worry about it.

You’re just 19.

Now is the time you live your life and make as many mistakes as you can.

Don’t listen to what everyone is telling you.

You’ll figure things out when the time is right.

He told me - You’re the first person to tell me that. Thank you.

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