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10 Apr
Editorial Team.
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Week 2 Review - So how did we fare this week?

To begin with let me inform you one more person joined us as a listener – Divya Chandel. Welcome her with open arms guys. She is going to be on call from 3-5 PM.

So our chat will now be operational from 3 PM to 2 AM.


We have a lot of interesting things lined up for you this week. We are in the process of beginning our video series – What Really Matters. A lot of things still need to be figured out but hopefully, by the end of this week, you will be able to see Episode 1. Stay tuned for that.

I am also going to be guest posting for Youniquemag – a youth-centric magazine from Kolkata. Do check the amazing folks over there and don’t forget to drop by and say hi. They are doing really good work and deserve to be appreciated.

Also, we are about to start a Facebook group for The Wall and Us community to bring you closer to us and talk about things that matter to you or bother you, etc. I am yet to decide on the direction of it but keep an eye out on the page. We’ll update you about the same.

Lastly, we are going to do something crazy this week. This pertains particularly to my people from Symbiosis Law School, Pune. So if you see a bunch of us holding a placard and looking like an idiot, just know our intentions are pure. :)

Yeah. That’s what is happening this week. Now without wasting any more of your time let me tell you – How did we fare this week?


So, we completed two weeks, and when the week began I promised myself that I will show you guys some growth. We should not be stagnating.

And I am elated to tell you we didn’t. In Week 1 our total page-views were a little north of 500. This week we did 1039 (Yes I made sure I found out the exact number this time).

It's incredibly frustrating because I am unable to post the screenshot here but from April 3rd to April 10th we had 312 visitors, who completed 443 sessions and the total number of page-views this week was 1039. The stats will be posted on our page soon.

We updated 4 posts this week. We wrote about the lost art of listening, the difference between motivation and inspiration and shared a contribution from our wonderful community.

Also, we wrote about the appalling suicide of Arjun Bhardwaj and gave him and his legacy a tribute.

But the highlight of the week – We completed 15+ chats. We hope they felt a little better after talking to us. We spoke about mental and verbal abuse, anxiety, depression, loneliness, love and much more.

I loved every minute of it. But, due to the massive spike in traffic, some chats had to be missed because of lack of enough listeners. We apologize deeply for the inconvenience. Despite failing you I would still want to tell you – We are still here for you if you want to speak to us.

Thank you for choosing us.

Lastly, one other noteworthy thing happened. We started receiving a lot of traffic from outside India. Places like United States, England, Romania, etc.


Guys, we grow because you help us grow. Whenever one of the posts do not do well – believe me when I tell you everyone works that much harder.

Thank you so much. All your likes, shares, comments keep us going and help us grow further.

You’re amazing. I love you all.

That’s all from me this week. Hope to talk to you again soon. Remember you can talk to us, share something with the world or tell the community what’s bothering you – anonymously.

Take care and never ever forget what makes you so special.  


- Aitijya Sarkar

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Become a part of the only community in the world that is exclusively tailored for and by the lonely.

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