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01 Jun
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Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Ten Years Ago When My Board Results Came Out.

Some of you have had your results published recently. Some of you haven’t performed as expected. And some of you are still reeling from its burn.

Before I go further, let me also congratulate those who are happy with how they have done.

I am here to share some advice. But, first, let me tell you about me.I am just another mediocre student. (I say mediocre to make myself feel better!) Ten years back I received my report card and I was well... How do I put it delicately...Mildly shocked.

I tanked my class 10, so I studied extra hard to do better only to find that I had done worse.

At this point, some of you can probably relate.

For those who are spiraling from the realization of their dismal performance, I want to tell you two things. Firstly, it’s okay. Not everybody tests well. Not everyone is good at everything. Had that been the case, fish could climb trees. Secondly, and this is the important part: It is NOT OKAY.

Go on, throw yourself a pity party. Feel bad for yourself. You need to process this. You need to also own this, so that tomorrow, someone else can’t use it against you. Be proud of what you have achieved. I have seen guys fail a maths paper and go on to become a big shot manager in a company in the UK. Failures are not good - They ruin a person’s confidence. But for a person to grow, a few hiccups in life are necessary.

Fail. Suck it up. Own that shit. Move ahead. However, do not blame anyone else for your failures.

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life. Go forth and make it happen. You need to lick your wounds and get up. But, take away a vital lesson away from this - The stream you had chosen in 11th and 12th doesn't decide what you're going to pursue in the future. India’s education system is rigid. It confines you. And you need to listen to the little voice in your heart that tells you what you want. If science isn’t for you, try Law or English. If you love to draw, go to an architecture college, or hell, I say go to an art college. If you like music, there is a place called Berklee College of Music. You may not be great with economics, but you could be a great accountant. Maybe the Indian Army or the Navy is calling out to you.

Consider everything, however wild it may be.

If someone says there is no future in something and your heart tells you otherwise, you NEED to believe – It’s probably your calling. I will ask each and every one of you, to be honest, and evaluate yourself.

What do you want to do or be in 10 years? Set your sights - Ready, Aim, Fire.

You have to be true to yourself, and discipline yourself. But, in hindsight, when you find your calling - discipline will come naturally. I am letting you in on another secret: you don’t have to pursue your parent’s dreams, just show enough passion, and their unnerving support will come eventually. 

Now, finally career choices. Here are a few that many don’t consider. Join the army and serve the country. Become a teacher. A Sportsman. A Musician. A Lawyer. Like cars? Become a mechanic. Love cooking? Hotel management. Have a flair for design? India has a bunch of top-tier fashion designing schools. Love English, we have brilliant colleges. Become a Rockstar. Use this as a pivot.

I cannot reiterate it enough, pick something you like, strive to be the best in it.

Do not settle for mediocrity. Do not compromise on your passion, make it your profession and you will find true happiness.

Image Courtesy - Akshata Timmapur. Check out her awesome work.

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Become a part of the only community in the world that is exclusively tailored for and by the lonely.

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