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30 Jun
It Takes One To Know One.
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Entering The World - The Journey Of The Last 5 Years.

Well Well Well! I had just turned 18 and finished 12th grade. I was so relaxed and chilled that all that Physics, Chemistry and Maths, that tormented me for the past 2 years was no more in my life.

No, I wasn't forced to take PCM in 11th, it was my decision and I think I did some justice to it. I didn't give my full attention to it, because it was boring, and I was so bored after a while that it became entirely horrendous.

Also, I had a girlfriend, and that gave me some distraction to get away from studies.

I decided Engineering was not the career I wanted to pursue.

I was like, hmm what to do, I like to cook, let's appear for hotel management.

Some of you might be thinking - It's all so filmy, it's all real and everything here has happened to you too.

My parents are very liberal and open-minded. They gave me all the freedom to make life choices, so of course, their consent was always there.

Being a gadget freak, and a weird obsession with the camera, I was always with a camera, if I was out.

I and my Pappa discovered that Symbiosis will be offering a full-time BFA photography course and I was blown away.

My Pappa being very liberal but rational, would not have let me pursue a diploma photography course, and like every other parent, he wanted me to be a degree graduate. It was easy like eh, I filled up the application, cracked the interview and got in.

Pappa was convinced about a degree course, and he also did photography in his college but didn't pursue it because my Grandpa wanted him to get a job and get married and so on. 

But, of course, this was early 90's, grandpa was not so liberal like his son was now.

And two months later (June 2012) I came to Pune.

Interesting city, a different culture from Jaipur, my hometown.

Next 3 years were life-changing. If you're wondering what happened with my girl-friend, hahaha, well it lasted about 11 months! 

The timeline was, mid of 11th to mid of 12th class.

She went to Germany, she being 2 years elder, got into college early, and things didn't work out!

I tried my best, she wanted to move on, and she broke up.

As expected, it was tough, took me about a year to get over it.

It was my first relationship. You all must have taken a long time as well to move on!

What's interesting is, her mom and mine are very good friends. Her brother and I are buddies. Even though I haven't come across her for the last 3 years, it would be really awkward.

Not that I would make it awkward, it's just that she won't speak to me and everyone around would sense it!

My mom and dad know about her, her brother knows that she and I were together.

Coming to college, things were different and trust me when I say it was difficult.

No No No! I wasn't homesick. It was just the atmosphere in college and that damn hostel! 

In the 3 years, I learned a lot about how life works. Everyone goes through experiences, so did I and they've made me who I am today.

The very first thing I learned about life - STOP TRYING TO PLEASE EVERYONE.

It is impossible to make everyone happy, and if by any chance, you somehow manage to achieve this greatness in life, you won't be happy!

I'm assuming, if you've read so far, you all must be in some flashback, wondering, "Ah! Why did I do that! or "Shouldn't have said that!" and so on and so forth.

The second most valuable lesson I learned - DON'T REGRET.

Don't regret what you did in the past, unless, you like actually harmed someone.

Everything else was your decision. You might have thought it was right at that time. Results could have been in your favor or maybe not!

If it happened in the past, derive some lesson from it, and let it go.


There are so many things to take care of.

Overthinking will just distract you. Know what your priorities are and focus on them.

Think about how to work on them. Go get the life you want!

Now. Let's get back into college life once again. 

You all must be thinking - Did he meet any girls there, duh, of course, I did!

I was not in an only boys college! 

I met a girl in class. Actually, I met her at the interview. She was in formal clothes, and as college began, she and I got to know each other.

Over the first year, we were just friends and classmates!

Over the next two years and two years after that and till now, we are still friends and wait...HELLO! We're best friends! 

Trust me she is the best thing that happened to me in college.

We have been always together and around each other. 

Of course!

We both had other friends, but, we both have been hanging out with each other over the past 3 years. There is hardly any movie that we didn't see in the theaters.

Once, we saw 6 movies in a cinema hall within 7 days!

Yes, we love movies!

We'll get back to her, every now and then, but let's change directions and slip into first year of hostel life!

Trust me, everyone had a problem with everyone.

My first 2 roommates didn't last long as friends!

That's mainly because 2 months after we all were in college - Our batch of boys had to shift to different hostel buildings, and all roommates were shuffled up.

I got new 'inmates'.

That made things more difficult.

I fought with them at times. Of course, people disagree all the time. By fought, I meant it was more verbal and less physical.

I tried my best to be good to everyone, but trust me, things don't work out in your favor all the time.

Let's end here today and I'll be back with what happened, later on.

There is so much to share. I'll be back! You all have a great day.

All feedbacks and suggestions are welcome. If there is anything anyone wants to share or get advice on something, my doors are open.

Cheers to all.

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