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15 Jun
It Takes One To Know One.
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How I Went To Hell and Back And Started My Own Company.

I was born in December of 1994 with (as many people would say throughout my life) a 'silver spoon in my mouth'. 

My first brush with grief was when my mom left us and went on to start her own family.

But, growing up, Dad didn’t let me feel her void.

Things were smooth for years on end.

Not only was I a happy kid - I was a spoiled kid in more ways than one. I had everything that a 10-15 year old could dream of. 

But things came crashing down in 2012.

Since my mom left us, our family now included me, my father and my three dogs.

So, one fine day, I woke up and realized that my 'family' was actually running on steam.

Most of our savings were over and we were out of money.

This was at a time when I was considering taking music and my band more seriously. But, things started going downhill.

We had to sell off our house and settle for a one room flat.

I started supporting the house with whatever little I could earn from my band. 

In between this - 2013 was the year when Spikey (one of my dogs) passed away, that too in my arms. 

Time flew by. And soon enough it was 2015.

We shifted houses every two-three months. Survived on bare minimums.

There were days when eating food two times a day was technically a ‘luxury’. 

Things went south again in 2015.

My other dog, Jerry, my best friend, passed away.

As funny as it might sound, even though she wasn't well - she waited for me to return home, and then said goodbye. 

Just like Spikey, she died in my arms. 


Going back to 2013 for a moment – I met this girl.

So much was happening all around me and to be honest being around her helped numb some of the emptiness I felt then.  

But, with time I realized, it was mostly one sided.

So, I let go. 

I left Calcutta soon after and moved to Mumbai. I moved in with my Mom.

In between all this, I made a promise to make the most out of the life I had.

So, I started working towards it. 

Numerous job applications later - I had a nice job, and well, the goal had always been to make daddy proud and happy.

I think I've been able to do that to a certain extent. 

Right around this time, while I was lazing around with two of my best buddies at this tea shop, the idea popped up about GetNerdy.

My own startup. 

Fast forward a year - We would be featured in the news.

We became the apparel partner for Spring Fest IIT KGP and well, things were looking good. 

Now, here's the catch, life has its own way of hitting back at you. 

That's exactly what happened last year.

The Company stagnated. I was fed up with the endless amount of work that would be piled up on me every single damn day.

It was frustrating.

But something amazing happened. 

End of last year, this girl walked into my life - asking for Sunburn passes. 

This was the kind of person you never let go of. You hold on and keep her with you forever and ever. 

It's not because we were chilling out and goofing around every other day.

It's because –

1) People like her make you want to strive to be a better version of yourself.

2) You see yourself in her and at the end of the day, you want all the happiness in the world for her.

So, this person comes into my life and turns it upside down.

From being down and out and having lost all hope, she gave me a new reason, a new motivation to live life and leave a legacy behind. 

I haven’t looked back since.

End note -

As long as you have the grit, determination and a never give up attitude – Life is NOT going to be able to kick you down permanently. 

I never gave up even when I had to sell off everything that I once held dear.

I sold off my drums. I had to sleep on an empty stomach just so I would have money to travel the next day.

I didn't have a laptop or a smartphone and was mocked by many because of it. 

The point is when life knocks you down – Get up, turn around, and keep walking.

*As narrated to us by Siddharth Nandi. You can reach him at his Instagram handle or the GetNerdy Instagram Page. Also feel free to drop by GetNerdy's Facebook Page and show some love. We applaud him for his strength and courage and we are sure you do too. Don't forget to reach out to him if you could connect.

We are in this together.

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Become a part of the only community in the world that is exclusively tailored for and by the lonely.

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