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23 Apr
It Takes One To Know One.
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If You're Turning to Intoxication to Find A Solution For Your Problems Here Is Some Advice For You.

I love video games with a strong storyline. You have to give credit to a game which can create a world within itself. I believe it’s nothing short of a book or a movie then.

One late night in an Uber, I downloaded a funny little game on Google Play. It had dark and murky graphics, and it complimented my sour mood that night.

It was called The End of The World.

It wasn’t about zombies, apocalypse or death. It was simply about an empty young man in an empty city. The city looked post-apocalyptic, with no people and broken windows.

He was in a loop: he woke up, smoked a cigarette, walked around, went to a bar, drank a lot, and blanked out. Next step, we woke up.

This happened multiple times. You slowly figure out how this world was the aftermath of losing someone he loved.

You could click on the clock, and the city would regain color, and memories of happy days would haunt the man. It was a funny little game of 20 minutes with no ‘end goal’.

You see the man’s happy past. You walk around in the lonely world that ended. You engage in intoxication to help him forget his pain. You try to find a way out of his world. 

Gamers online say that there is indeed an end where he leaves the pain behind. I probably sucked at the game then.

Why I love this game is not because of its end goal. I love it because it is a dark and murky mirror into our lives.

We get hurt, we are in pain, we try to distract our pain by intoxicating ourselves, and next morning, we are in pain again.

We see our past. We walk around in this lonely world of ours, surrounded by pain. We engage in intoxication to remove our pain. We try to find a way out of this world.

We are in a loop.

Movies always taught the younger me that vodka creates a magical amnesia that makes you forget everything.

The Internet taught me that some drugs out there make you synthetically euphoric.

TV series taught me that when women are in sorrow or regret, their first instinct is to light up a Marlboro Light against their red lips. 

It is not just media. My mother, after her divorce, hid some bottles behind her clothes too. My sister’s best friends used to come over after each break up with wine. It was everyone.

Everyone said one hit will be enough to forget. No one mentioned how the substance would creep out after a few hours, leaving the cavity empty with pain.

No one mentioned how the relief would be a pretty gift wrap under which the pain hid, and would be opened every time the intoxication wore off. Nobody told me that, but everyone knew it. 

It was a loop.

You know this loop. You don’t have to imagine it. You are at a party, and someone you love walks in with someone else.

You drink more shots that night, try weed for the first time maybe, and end up throwing up on his girlfriend. You don’t remember any of this, of course.

Next morning, you wake up with hazy memories, a bad hangover and guess what, the same pain of last night. 

Think of your choice of poison.

Identify the first time you tried it and what were you running from that night.

Ask yourself if you are still running from the pain. Ask yourself is intoxication your way out of your problems?

If the answer is yes, you know it is a loop and you need to get off of it.

If the answer is no, then why are you still doing it?

Before writing this article, someone asked me a rhetorical question- ‘Why do you think alcohol is called liquid courage?’ We all know why.

You must have heard stories of people being honest, more approachable, and calmer, after a degree of intoxication.

Here is a scenario. You are in pain because your significant other cheated on you. You try to cope with the pain by going out one night to enjoy, with some drinks.

You call him/her up in your intoxicated state, and without any mental restraints, tell them how you feel about his/her actions.

Next morning, you feel better because you let your emotions out. Now, you can cope faster.

Here, the alcohol did not call up your ex to say it’s over. You did.

You could have spoken those words in a sober state as well. The substance did not give you power to say those words; you let it make your emotions stronger.

Intoxication was not the cure to your pain that night. It was you. You had courage that night to approach someone who wronged you, without the fear of being judged.

You let your negative emotions out. Intoxication did not create that feeling. It was always inside you.

As any animal, we have nerve endings that feel pain. Also, as any animal, our body is built to reduce pain, and rebuild itself in moments of threat.

Our emotions aren’t far away from our body. We have the ability to feel emotional distress, and we ourselves have the ability to cope with it.

We have the power to rebuild ourselves, to change ourselves and to be happy once again. Patience, time and work - that’s what it takes to rebuild, whether it’s our body or our emotions.

Intoxication will not make your pain go away. It will make it worse.

It will gift wrap it. It will put it on a loop. It will empower it.

What will make your pain go away, is YOU.

What about you? Are you constantly trying to run from the truth by intoxicating yourself? Let us know.

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