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09 Jun
It Takes One To Know One.
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Little Check Boxes - Let's Talk About Life.

I want to talk about life. A conversation we need to indulge in more often. Before I get into it, let me first introduce myself. I am 27, pushing 28, feel like I am 35. I have a small company, big dreams, and impossible goals. I despise mediocrity. Yet I feel mediocre every day. I hope you now realize where this is going to end.

Let me dismantle feelings and re-assemble them for you. You must have at some point felt the walls closing in. Gotten hammered. Drunk dialled your partner.

Why did you do it? Where is the rationale?

Most of us have jobs we don’t like, we are in love with someone we aren’t with, have aspirations, but no path to lead us to them. This Is how it starts.

What, really, is happiness? It is the moment right before the moment you seek out more happiness. But we can’t really settle, we can’t really be content. And this is the reason why we abuse substance, contemplate suicide or allow all those negative thoughts to creep in. I want to remind you - It is all right. You should seek out happiness, however, settle today and you'll regret tomorrow.

Now let’s talk about love.

Do you really love your partner? Or are you in a partnership of compromise? How do you really know whether you actually love someone? How do you separate the love from the lust? Love is transcendent. Love makes you naïve to a fault about her faults. If I was to describe love, it would be wanting to wake up and see her face while she sleeps. It would be the desire to grow old together. It would be the ability to respect her without condition. Most of us just want sex. It's all right. We are a youth starved of sex.

But, friends, sex has to be separated from love. I urge you to not confuse sex with love. But what has really driven us into debauchery and promiscuity? I solely blame the TV series FRIENDS. Romance now means grand gestures and our search for love has us going through partners like a bowling ball goes through the bowling pins. This has to stop. And then there is a movie called Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

I mean how can guys compete with the grandiose drama of Shah Rukh Khan - Love doesn’t mean grand gestures. When was the last time you went out and roamed the city, got wet in the rain together, laughed together? Held each other without thinking about sex?

Now, lets talk about profession. Many of us have settled for security over passion. Made academic and career choice merely based on the media salary. Taken up high paying jobs because of money. We are slaves to money. If you are not married and still under 25, I say to you - It’s a lie. Jump ship. Change your course. If you can afford it today, don’t be enslaved by money. Enslave wealth. Be patient. Show will. Money will find its way to you.

After all of this, you have the never-ending pain in the rear - Emotions. We are emotional volcanoes about to erupt. Spend some time learning to be stoic. Work on your poker face. Don’t tell the world that you are down. The world will find a way to take you down another notch. Compartmentalise. Show some subterfuge and hubris. If you are angry at someone, vent it out on them. Don’t vent on someone else. It only ever makes matters worse.

My conclusion: Love with devotion, do what you are passionate about - Do it with pride, strive for perfection. Compartmentalize your emotions, live a simple life. Abuse some substances if you need to. Don’t settle. Have sex. You probably won’t be happy. However, you also won’t be sad! 

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