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26 May
Random Musings.
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Here is Where I am At and Why I Need Your Help.

It has been a while since we last had a heart to heart. I’ve not really been doing too well.

I wish I knew whatever’s been plaguing me lately.

But let us first get some statistics out of the way.

It’s been two months since the inception of the website. And without you, it would not have been possible.

We’ve completed more than 50 chats and our overall page-views are a little north of 3000. It makes my heart gloat and skip-a-little beat.

Give yourself a pat on the back if you've contributed to our growth in any way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I never ever forget random acts of kindness. 


Now to some little less important things -

I've not been well. 

And the weird thing is I thought so much before writing this post. Worried that this might come off as needy and desperate.

Something I've been asking everyone to NOT do since the site began. It's super embarrassing.

But it's what it is. You can advise all you want - But in the end, you're human too.

It's always easier helping someone else than going ahead and helping yourself.


I knew right from when we migrated to a website - There will be days when I will not want to get my behind off the bed and work.

That's how I've always been. 

Also, since now, things are a little more serious - I get up and go about working but just can't get my head around anything. And that makes things worse. 

So I deflect and do things that help momentarily fix this emptiness that pops up every time I am at my lowest.

For example - I've been meaning to write this comprehensive piece on millennials and empathy for the past two weeks and I have just not been able to.

Every time I open up the word document it just depresses me even more.

So what do I do - I go out and drink. I write answers on Quora that I know no one else will reply to. I reach out to the million different discussion threads in the support groups that I am a part of.

Constantly numbing this emptiness.

Also, I've been thinking a lot lately - Why am I the way I am? Why do I pay the occasional auto-driver 20 bucks more? Why can't I say no? 

Why do I have to be nice to people who don't really deserve it?

Maybe it's because I am so utterly empty inside. Maybe that's why I do all of it.

And I've come to realize - Maybe that's not necessarily a bad thing.


Right so, this was more depressing than I thought it would be. But it's not all dark and gloomy.

I will get back to everything. But, I just need some time.

While I get better - I need your help.

If you've been following us for some time now and you believe in what we are trying to do - Be nice and connect us to people you know who can help us grow.

The reason I need content writers, graphic designers, etc. is that these slumps keep happening.

At times I worry that if someday I die - The Wall and Us ends with me.

Or maybe it's just my anxiety kicking in.

I need more people to work with me. So if you know anyone who would be willing to volunteer and work to further OUR cause drop me a message or get them in touch with me.

It would mean a ton.

I cannot hire any more interns as I have little to no money.

I need people who will be as passionate as I am about this.

Thank you, guys. Sometimes all you need is someone to listen.

PS - I feel better already. And we aren't going anywhere. Chill. :)

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