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17 Jun
Random Musings.
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Lets Be Vulnerable Together | Weekly Review.

I’ve stumbled upon a truth recently. I’ve realized that most people already know the solution to their problems – They just don’t act on it.

For example – If you’re sick and tired of not having any real friends just stay away from them. Don’t shut them out completely. But, maintain your distance.

Fall back on those who were there with you when you had no one. It’s really that simple.

It’s just that when YOU know someone is always going to be there for you, you just don’t take them seriously. We ignore their importance.

Everyone is OKAY with living a lie because it hurts less this way.

It’s just something I see everyone doing, including myself. I’ve decided to do something about this starting today.


If you don’t know already – I’ve recently been gifted with a fully functional smart-phone. This is my first ever and I am completely obsessed.

I’ve become more active on Instagram (as promised) and I’ve joined Snapchat. If you want to keep in touch my id is – thewallandus.

Add me!

So we are about to complete 100 chats on the website and these days we are averaging a hundred visitors a day.

Happy to see all our hard work paying off! This is just the beginning.

So far it has been almost completely organic but I’ve realized to spread the word out further we NEED to look into paid advertising a little more seriously.


I’ve been thinking about doing something on Youtube for a long long time and with a little push from my sister, Rishav and Ambi, it has finally materialized.

I am calling it the #YouMatterProject.

A brief little insight into this.

We talk to people regularly (from different parts of the world) and almost always the conversation ends with them telling us – I hope I didn’t bore you or You must think I am stupid or I am sorry I wasted you time.

Some of them just won’t stop thanking us even when we tell them to not mention it.

And every single time it breaks our heart into a million different pieces. More so because these words come from that corner of their broken soul that tells them that they don’t matter.

That they’re all alone.

Hence #YouMatterProject.

One song every week, dedicated to whoever listens.

The idea is to let them know that I am willing to spend a couple of hours every week to record it and put it out there because even if the world has given up on them we haven’t.

We are here for them.

Also, no one should have to apologize for just talking. You matter. You deserve the attention.

You deserve to be told that.

This week I sang Creep and the next week it’ll be Knocking On Heavens Door.

I am glad I am doing this. You can check it out here


Vulnerability is scary. Vulnerability is terrifying.

We’ve turned it into this monster because every time someone opens up or bares their soul we shut them up.

No one is born all closed up. In the past, they’ve tried to put themselves out there and the world has let them down.

In the words of this one user I recently spoke to – It helps to just talk sometimes. I wasn’t looking for advice. I just wanted to know that someone cared.

So, be there when someone reaches out to you.

Someday they’ll reciprocate.

Until next time.

Much love. :)

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Become a part of the only community in the world that is exclusively tailored for and by the lonely.

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