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29 Jun
Random Musings.
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Little Things Matter - This Is How I Message.

When I was in school, Whatsapp was exploding. My X2-01 (borrowed) supported this Java version of this free messaging app that everyone seemed to be using.

As is with most teenagers today – Little things mattered a way lot back then.

Who would have the last word in a conversation?

When was the last seen?

Blue ticks weren’t there then but if they were I am sure they would matter a hell lot too.

As desperate as I was to seek constant validation from irrelevant things I would take to texting immediately.

People would make groups.

And they would speak endless gibberish.

But it helped me stay relevant.

As I look back now, it’s strange, but I used to do this weird little thing.

I would try to end a conversation with the final text coming from the person I was talking to.

It was almost an obsession to not reply to the last message. And they did it too.

I would then parade it around and show my friends - See this XYZ person texted me last night and I didn’t reply.

It’s super funny now.

But, I know a lot of people who did this. And some do it even today.

You see, when you’re in your teens, you want nothing more but to fit in.

When you step into college and your 20’s you want nothing more but to find out who you really are.

I introspect a lot, so I don’t really miss these things anymore.

I was thinking, a couple of days back, how the way I text today has changed since I was in school.

The number of pending friend requests was a weird status quo. Not replying and in the process elevating your self-worth was a status quo.

Believe it or not, these passive things seem to matter a hell lot to people.

I have friends in college who still think these little things matter.

They probably don’t give it that much time.

But, in the past one or two years, I’ve turned the tables.

If you’ve spoken to me anytime soon, and you look back you’ll see that the last message is always from me.

That (in my head) helps them if they are seeking this weird little speck of validation.

Also, when I really have the time to have a conversation in real time, I spend a lot of time talking to the person on the opposite side of the screen.

Giving them all the time and attention they need and deserve.

I also rarely use pre-made smileys unless I am on messenger, (It automatically converts them!) because typing in two little symbols to make one takes an extra second.

I know people don’t notice these things anymore but if you go back and check your Whatsapp conversation, Instagram DM’s or Snapchat conversations with me you’ll see I very rarely use any pre-made smileys.

Even though they don’t notice, I do my part because I want to prove, beyond any reasonable doubt that when I am having a conversation I am willing to spend an extra second to send you a smile.

I remember, on my birthday, a friend would wish me with this beautiful message.

I was really really touched. And since I was filled with gratitude I went out of my way to thank her again and again and again.

She would tell me – You don’t have to thank me so many times, you know.

And I told her – I do. How else will I really let you know how much that one singular message meant?

She said – Fine!

And I would drop a smiley.

Conversations are becoming really hard today.

Technology has brought us closer than ever before but it is pushing us further away from real moments.

People have become so impatient. If someone replies after a couple of hours, stop and think, that maybe this person is actually working on something.

Yet, he/she took the time out to reply anyway.

They weren’t ignoring you.

So, in conclusion, this is me, sharing a few insignificant things I do, when I have a conversation anywhere today.

You might not notice these, but I do this willingly.

Well, now you know.

Little insignificant things matter. Even if they go un-noticed.

You have a friend in me. I promise.

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Become a part of the only community in the world that is exclusively tailored for and by the lonely.

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