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Why Contribute

Because it takes one to know one.

Our primary purpose is to give people a place to connect. A place without any inhibitions or judgment. To create one such safe haven we need to first create an encyclopedia of human emotions. That cannot happen unless you Share Your Story.

We want to create a recorded database of human lives - The countless stories that people don't get to hear about and the ones they do. The reason for that is we genuinely do not want anyone to ever feel like they are all alone in this world. No matter what you think, believe in and feel, there is someone else out there who has gone through the same or is going through it right now.

So when you share your story you do one of two things -

1) You feel a little lighter. 

2) You help us reach another you who is going through what you're going through.

Not just that. Think about it. You share something - some happy memory from your childhood. Don't you think reading it will help someone who is going through a rough time? Especially if they've been through the same. A small little smile maybe?

That's why you should share. Because believe me when we tell you - It takes one to know one.

You are not alone.


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